About PapaNut

Our journey started when we finally came to realize that what keeps people always tired, bored and sick are the unhealthy ingredients they digest on a daily basis through things called delicious and yummy.

We decided to change our food lifestyle to a healthier one that could be yummy and healthy at the same time. Gradually we started omitting all the things that stated names we couldn’t recognize on the label. It was hard at the beginning, but when we began to see the change in our mental and physical, we grow unrelenting control over what we eat and drink.

The traditional peanut butter in the market is one of the most adults and kids favorites, and it was hard to explain to them why they cannot have it any more.

So, we started to explore different ideas in order to try and produce what the adults and kids like in a healthy way and be tasty at the same time.

Accordingly, PapaNut was founded in 2018 and now we are happy to serve all adults and kids with the wide range of PapaNut Fresh Butter Collection which are made purely from 100% Nut without any additives or preservatives, on top of that all PapaNut Butters are Gluten-free and Gmo-free

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